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1st Hollywood Music Video Ever Produced in Pakistan and the First Hollywood Concert in Karachi...

Updated: May 21, 2019

B. Howard

Country: Pakistan

Managed by: AnW Studios

Facebook account: /Bhowardofficial

Instagram account: bhowardofficial

First Hollywood Music Video Ever Produced in Pakistan and the First Hollywood Concert in Karachi in Over a Decade

AnW Studios’ idea of bringing Hollywood to Pakistan started with B Howard. The aim is to improve the image of the country in the eyes of other celebrities and foreigners, while at the same time giving B Howard the deserved recognition in Pakistan.

B Howard, more commonly known as the biological son of Michael Jackson, is a top charted artist and multi-platinum producer for Akon, Ne-Yo, Vanessa Hudgens and Jason Derulo amongst many others. He has been making headlines in Hollywood ever since 2003.

The challenge, however, was that B Howard’s name and music was not well known in Pakistan. As a company we remedied this issue in a few calculated steps.


- Increase global fan following of B Howard.

- Make B Howard a well-known and recognized name in Pakistan, while at the same time gaining loyal local fans.

- Make his songs widely listened to and heard by a vast majority of people in Pakistan.

- Put Pakistan on the map for other celebrities considering locations for shoots and video production.

2 Express Tribune Posts article about B Howard's Music Video


- B Howard's Instagram page showed an evident increase in following from 36.2. thousand followers (before his trip to Pakistan), to the current figure of 82.3 thousand followers, the following doubled and keeps increasing.

- Solo concert at Port Grand with 1800 plus attendees and Performance at Port Grand concert with 10 thousand attendees and some of Pakistan’s most decorated celebrities: Atif Aslam, Ali Zafar, Sajjad Ali.

- Meet and Greet at Dolmen Mall’s (Karachi’s most visited mall) main atrium.

- Appearance on ARY’s (Pakistan’s largest tv network) morning show Salam Zindagi with Faysal Qureshi and Sounds of Kolachi. A show that has a wide cable viewership across Pakistan along with a big following on YouTube. The 1-hour episode received almost 37 thousand views online and millions of people viewed it on TV.

- Performance of Dil Dil Pakistan (Pakistan’s most popular national pop song) alongside local singers at ARY’s morning show as well as the Port Grand Solo concert.

- B Howard Songs played on FM89, one of the most popular radio channels of Karachi. The songs were played at peak listening hours of radio for 15 consecutive days and his new track ‘Lose Control’ became the most played song on FM89.

- Press conference upon arrival in both occasions; for the music video and concert. Both press conferences were widely covered by the largest channels and news networks of Pakistan, which then posted articles about B Howard’s upcoming music and concert.

- Very Successful impromptu meet and greet at Port Grand before music video shoot, with over 500 people crowding the Pop Star.

3 ARY posts full episode of morning show on YouTube channel


“B Howard, the alleged biological son of late King of Pop Michael Jackson, was in Pakistan to shoot a music video in December last year. In a recent development, Howard is set to take Karachi by storm in a live concert to be held at Port Grand on April 13, 2019, stated a press release.” -Express Tribune

“With his mesmerizing voice and similarities just like Michael Jackson’s, B. Howard also garnered huge media attention after being spotted for his uncanny resemblance to MJ. With DNA tests taken by the artist himself, it became public knowledge that he is indeed the lovechild of MJ and Miki Howard, however when asked in interviews, B. Howard always politely refers to the late King of Pop as family.” –The Financial Daily

The Solution:

AnW Studios created a 360-degree fully integrated marketing campaign that would cover ATL and BTL activities. There was also a buzz created on media platforms by informing all the targeted press members about B Howard's whereabouts at certain times.

The campaign consisted of:

· 3 weeks of digital marketing where the audience was gradually informed about the upcoming arrival and performance

· 2 weeks of ARY TV promotion being played 9 times in a day during peak timings.

· Radio channels such as FM89 and FM100 were playing the concert promo at multiple different occasions, starting 15 days prior to the concert.

· BTL activations; 2 of which were held at universities. First one at Habib University and the second at Iqra University. The third one was an all-day activation at Dolmen Mall’s main atrium, which was in the evening a meet and greet.

· There were three fully branded trucks which were taking rounds of Karachi for the final 7 days before the concert.

· Promotional videos, posters, count downs and collaborations were shared throughout all relevant social media platforms. Namely, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

· There was a press conference and 2 morning shows attended where B Howard interacted with Pakistan’s local celebrities.

The campaigns overall aim was met, there was an over 100 percent rise in B Howard’s fan base and recognition in Pakistan. This fact was further proven when AnW Studios was contacted by more celebrities that wished to visit Pakistan to see its potential.

The campaign will be concluded soon with the release of B Howard's official new music video, which features modern Karachi.

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