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Liverpool Legend Ian Rush in Pakistan

Updated: May 21, 2019

Ian Rush

Country: Pakistan

Managed by: AnW Studios

Instagram account: /ian_rush9

Liverpool Legend Ian Rush aims to make Karachi a Footballing City

The aim has always been to promote Pakistan and bring foreign shoots here. This time was no different. Ian rush, a Liverpool legend and one of the best footballers of his time, saw potential in this country and decided he wanted to explore and pay a visit. In their mind there was no one better to facilitate this visit than Anw Studios partnering up with the Oxford Creative Hub (OCH), the former football star came and left with a very positive impression in mind.


- Open the doors to Ian Rush Foundation support in Pakistan and raise funds

- Creating awareness in the local and international market for emerging markets football potential

- Capture footage for an Ian Rush documentary which will focus on tourism in Pakistan and also on grass-roots of football in the country

- Encourage local talent and promote football as sport with scope

- Make Pakistan a football country

- Achieve wide scale press coverage in order to show positive feedback to local viewers

- Achieve recognition and popularity for Ian Rush among the younger generation


- Ian Rush’s instagram page saw a rise in the number of followers, from 250k before his visit, to 255k current.

- Large scale press conference at Port Grand with around 500 attendees, young and old fans, as well as press.

- Visit to Lyari Coach Emad Foundation Football academy which made headlines.

- Very successful Meet and Greet Gala dinner held at the Nappier Tavern (invite only).

- Local football ground named after Ian rush, and one in the future which is currently under construction (

- Headlined and covered by every major news and press channel of Karachi.


Liverpool legend Ian Rush on Tuesday visited Karachi’s football stronghold Lyari as a part of his visit to Pakistan.

“I am happy to be in Lyari,” said Rush while addressing a presser. “There is a lot of passion for football here.

A football academy is also on the cards which would attract international coaches to train the future generation of Pakistani footballers” –Tribune

Liver pool footballer Ian J Rush warm welcome in Lyari famous known as mini brazil Ian Rush Wear Balochi Cultural Cap that's very surprising and Rush happy and enjoyed a lot of his excellent welcome and talked with his fans.

“Prior to his Pakistan trip, Ian Rush met with High Commissioner of Pakistan to the UK Mohammad Nafees Zakaria. The Pakistani High Commissioner lauded Ian Rush’s initiative and said that Pakistan had a sizeable talented youth population, who could be inspired and engaged in sports like football at the professional level.” –Geo News

“Pakistani football fans would get a chance to see another football star in their country as the Liverpool legend Ian Rush is all set to visit Pakistan in coming days.” -Business Recorder

“Last month, legendary Spain and Barcelona superstar, Carles Puyol, arrived in Karachi to promote football and kick off ticket sales for World Soccer Stars 2019. Earlier, Kaka and Figo had also arrived in Pakistan” –Business Recorder


Since Ian Rush’s trip was packed on time and there was a big team that was with him, AnW Studios and OCH had to have a very planned schedule that was being followed. At the same time, it had to be kept in mind that Rush wanted to work towards his aim, which is to make Pakistan a football nation.

Meanwhile, raising funds for a local football charity and a football academy which would attract international coaches to train the future generation of Pakistani footballers, was also in the agenda. He wanted to meet as many young talented individuals in the trip as possible, in order to give them a ray of hope, so that they keep up the hard work knowing that the scope for them has improved.

A trip to Coach Emad Football Academy (CEFA) in Lyari from the Golf Club chalets was organized beforehand, with safe and comfortable transport for Rush and the whole team. This took a couple of steps. Transport, body guards with the star to ensure safety and the whole event was heavily monitored by the Army Rangers. Press was also informed so that the event would be documented and covered by local news networks.

The event was very successful and made headlines, as CEFA shares the same aim as Rush, to provide opportunity and scope to those, who have a passion for the game but lack the resources to play and grow in the sport. The kids and students of the academy were very happy and excited to meet the former legend as they gave him a grand entrance and he was met with cheers throughout.

The following press conference at Port Grand had a similar reaction. Though this was short notice, media companies and fans were informed about his visit to Port Grand. Once again Rush was met with cheers and a very warm welcome of fans who sang the Liverpool anthem as he entered. Rush also met executives of Karachi, who shared a similar vision for the young talent of Pakistan, at the Gala dinner.

The day that followed Rush was taken to Bahria town where a future football stadium was named after him. Similar to his visit in Lahore where there is now an Ian Rush Football stadium. At Bahria town rush saw a lot of potential for filming sites and as a place where international matches can be held in the future.

Ian Rush had only positive words to say about his team in Pakistan, the country and the young talent. He encourages others to visit as well sees the potential within. The visit received great coverage and successfully performed the task of encouraging positivity among the young football fans. Moreover, it has placed Pakistan on the map for many other celebrities and foreigners all over the world, who follow Rush and respect his words.

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