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"Creating a World Without Borders" -#fenceless with B.Howard

Updated: Jan 22, 2019

Like all of our articles this one will also start with a video.

Before you read on, you must know that the AnW Studios team is the official manager for Brandon Howard's social media and his regional manager for the Middle East. Together this beautiful human being and our CEO Hamza Ayub, came up with a campaign about creating a world without borders.

Let B. Howard explain it himself:

"As utopian and impractical as it may sound, can't we all work together towards creating a world where we don't need borders? A world where differences are respected, where we don't need to fear one another and people are free to be who they are irrespective of race, creed and religion. We can only head in that direction if we see it as a goal. If you agree with me, then send me a 3-5 seconds video of either yourself or a group of people holding a sign that says "#fenceless" on the email: or just upload it with the hashtag #fenceless. I say all this because the last two years have been excessively tough on #immigrants and people who had to cross borders for one reason or another. While I understand the need for us to improve our security, we can't turn a blind eye to the collateral damage: the families who got split up and the people who may never realise their dreams because they were held back."

If you don't know who B.Howard is, check out this video below:

Keep your eyes peeled as this campaign is about to blow up on social media soon. More importantly, if there is anyway you can help us, reach out to us at and let's see what we can do together.

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