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Marketing an Event Purely Online

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Aerial View of The Avenues Learning Festival

Before you read this you need to know what is the standard of this event we speak of, how big was it and most importantly is it worth your time reading about it?

Some say that a good video is worth 1.8 million words per minute. Here's 2.8 million words worth of a video answering all of the above (in other words, this should give you some idea about the scale and size of the event we pulled off with only online advertising ):

The 2018 Successful Event Strategy

Now that we got your attention, (hopefully), if you want to pull off a successful event that's marketed purely online, all you need is a three prong strategy (at least in 2018):

1. Create the Facebook event with an online sign up link

2. Advertise the event on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook and Youtube

3. Send the tickets

We therefore created the following ads that preceded the event (the first one being the most popular) that our client, The Avenues Learning Festival, advertised to their desired target audience:

We also broke these ads up into more optimised assets for different social media platforms. For example the first ad was broken down into the following whatsapp asset:

This is essentially the same video as above except it was designed to be sent and viewed over WhatsApp / WeChat. The vertical dimensions allow the advertiser to utilise every possible inch of the phone screen without having the audience to tilt the phone. More importantly, this video was only 2 mb in size, making it easier for anyone to download without taxing their phone data. Many advertisers ignore WhatsApp completely even though it is one of the most important platforms for word of mouth marketing.

In the event the marketing paid off and the event was infinitely successful with thousands of people in attendance. Hats off to the Avenues Team for believing in the power of social media and digital marketing. Speaking of Avenues, our team also designed their website ( so be sure to check it out and let us know what you think in the comments.


Event Organizer: Avenues

Marketing and Video production house: AnW Studios

Event Management Company: Tag Nine

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