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Drone Piloting with Millions of Dollars at Stake

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

*Phone rings March 2017*

USA Client: You think you can fly a drone indoors?

AnW Rep.: Yeah shouldn't be a problem.

USA Client: Even if it is indoors in the Design Shanghai Trade fair with exhibits worth millions of dollars and thousands of people walking through tight spaces?

AnW: Yeah should be okay.

This was the result (bear in mind, we filmed this with a manual drone with no sensors to stop us from crashing into objects / exhibits ):

If you do not know what Design Shanghai is:

"Design Shanghai is one of the world's most prestigious international design events and Asia's premier design event. Showcasing the best design brands and galleries from across the globe, Design Shanghai provides a unique and exciting platform to network and establish long-term business relations with Asia's top architects, interior designers, property developers, retailers and private buyers." -

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