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How to Really Attract Millennials

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

If you want to advertise to 16 year olds, either do it differently or don't bother advertising at all.

When it comes to marketing educational institutions, we see the same run-of-the-mill boring advertisements surfacing from every corner of the globe that never manage to break through the plethora of content we consume on a daily basis.

It is as if somehow all the academics around the world decided that education is boring and should be marketed as such. Why be interesting, exciting and funny when you can have three to five middle aged academics sitting in seats talking about their passion for five minutes (which in our experience is extremely uncomfortable for most of them).

So without further ado, here is what we did instead (if the accent starts to annoy you, make sure you watch the infomercial part 2):

The Alcott Infomercial Part 1

As you can see, this was no ordinary school ad. If you read the comments, it was loved for its originality and humour but hated for the actor's accent (which we picked up on in the next video). Alcott's entire product offering however was embedded in the minds of thousands of leads and so it served its purpose. Several people commented around social media comparing Alcott to the three best schools in the city which usually took two to six years.

2000 comments, 62000+ views and 563 likes and hundreds of leads later, we launched the sequel video of this ad as one impression is barely enough in the world of short attention spans where your target audience is exposed to thousands of advertisements daily.

The Alcott Infomercial Part 2

Here are some more ads in the same campaign. . .

The Alcott Philosophy

Alcott Versus Other Schools in the Same City

(Warning: The esoteric humour might be lost on those unfamiliar with the A level industry of Karachi)

Alcott's Message to the Community

With over 200,000 views, thousands of likes, shares and extremely positive comments on this entire campaign, we feel proud to share what we have done. Mind you, prior to our involvement, this institute was extremely obscure, brand new and not even in the consideration set of the target audience. Five (5) videos and over hundred admissions later, we can confidently say that we've done our job. Needless to say, that without a good product / service to advertise, we wouldn't have performed as well as we did and for that we thank our good friends at Alcott for doing an outstanding job with their college.

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