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Organic Advertising at its Finest

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

(If you don't like reading, then skip to the videos below)

There's nothing sweeter for an advertiser but to have a client pay a hefty amount to put your ad in front of millions of people. Does the quality of the advertising really matter then? Well that is the approach millions of ad companies take.

This is what ends up happening :

They save their budgets, make a simple ad and put several thousands of dollars on it for putting it in front of people.

Next thing you know your friendly neighbourhood ad agency will be sitting in front of the next client bragging about how "hard" they worked for the "millions" of views.

So does that mean that companies should not boost their videos on social media with ad budgets?

Absolutely not! We are merely saying that you can gauge the quality of a campaign when your videos get viewed, liked and shared despite a zero ad budget.

For instance, with a zero dollar ad budget we created the following campaign called

Here's what an organic campaign looks like, with no ad budget

This was our spin on marketing a school as opposed to the typical run-of-the-mill corporate 'interview style video' that every school for some odd reason ends up making.

A school is more than just a bunch of teachers imparting their opinions onto their pupils. A school is more than just a place to get the best grades and therefore the marketing of a school demands more than just five people in suits talking about the experience you can have at their school.

We were lucky enough to have the perfect school partner up with us. A good ad agency is only as good as the client it takes, and we for one stand by the dents this client has made in the education industry in Pakistan. They are no ordinary school and so we didn't want to make an ordinary campaign for them either. They are none other than Cedar College in Karachi.

Prior to our campaign which reaped over 170,000 organic views in 5 videos, the videos of Cedar College were barely crossing 1-3 thousand views with a few exceptions in between.

We spent 15 days figuring out what Cedar College did differently and what the world needed to see about them.

If you do see the videos below, please let us know what you think about this campaign.

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